Printing qualities

The selection of printing material is important because different materials have different properties and applications. We offer products in several types of Dura plastic, paper and adhesive labels. Each printing quality is available in a selection of colours. Permanent markers may be used to write on the the plastic qualities (see accessories), while all writing tools may be used to write on paper.

Dura plastic

The plastic we print on, Dura plastic, is customized for our production of plastic labels. It is available in one rigid and one soft foil.

The rigid foil is availabel in thicknesses of 0,2 mm., 0,3 mm., and 0,4 mm. The rigid foil is recommended for inside use. The thicker varieties are generally more durable than then thinner ones. The less expensive alternative is 0,2 mm.

The soft foil has a thickness of 0,3 mm. This foil is weatherproof and frost resistant and well suited for outdoor use.

Adhesive plastic and paper

Adhesive labels are an efficient way of labelling as they may be put directly on the goods. We make adhesive labels in both plastic and paper, where the application determines the best suited material. The plastic adhesive labels are more durable and are therefore recommended for outdoor use. Adhesive plastic is to some degree available in equivalent colours as the soft foil.


Paper is a good alternative to plastic labels for indoor applications, and is conventient because it may be written on with all writing instruments. In addition, paper is well suited for long term use as it does not get brittle and break over time. Paper is available in a large selection of colours, and we do offer manilla paper.