Label holders

Label holders are available in various sizes and are designed to easily attach labels with holes or eyelets. We offer two sizes; 35 mm. and 56 mm.
Label holder

Steel wire

Labels with holes or eyelets can be attached with a thin steel wire. We offer such steel wires in bundles of ca. 1300 and in lengths of 25 cm.

Permanent marker

We recommend water-resistant and fade-resistant markers for writing on the labels. We offer two types of such markers with different tip thicknesses. One has a constant thickness of 0,75 mm. and the other a beveled tip with a thickness of 1-5 mm. Both are sold in boxes à 10 pieces.

Packing slip pockets

Packing slip pockets are delivered both with and without print and are available in various sizes. B6 is the best selling size, but we also offer B5 and B4. They are all sold in boxes à 1000 pieces.

Zipper bags

We offer zipper bags with and without print. We have bags with a "Certificate" print with a format of 200x250 mm., and zipper bags with blank writing fields with a format of 180x250 mm. Both are sold in quantum à 100 pieces.