Our core competence revolves around the manufacturing og plastic labels. Our range of products is large, and an overview of what we can make is presented below. In addition to customized products we also offer a range of standard products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Printing qualities

Printing material of various qualities have different properties and applications. We offer plastic, paper and adhesive labels. For an overview of the properties and applications of the various qualities please click here.

Colour selection

The range of colours on the printing material is wide and depends on the particular printing material chosen. An overview of the available colours is available here.
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Label format

The labels are cut from large sheets of approximately A0 format, and labels may therefore be cut in all formats smaller than this. An overview of the formats of our best selling products is available here.

Print and numbering

The labels may have print on one or both sides, or be delivered as blank labels. The print itself is customized. We also offer printed numbering of the labels.

Metal eyelet or hole

Classic labels are made with metal eyelet or hole. The eyelet strengthens the hole and is available in various sizes. We also offer a stainless alternative of pure brass.

Punching and perforating

We make our own punches and are therefore able to customize the shape of the label and meet customer requests. Examples of labels with special designs are dividers and round labels.

We also make perforated labels, where the perforation makes it possible to tear off parts of the label.
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Rubber band

We deliver labels with rubber bands through the eyelet. These have the advantage that they are easily attacheable. Other ways to attach the labels are found under accessories.